You’ve heard our bells: would you like to learn to ring them? We’re always looking for more ringers, and it’s not that difficult: a bit like learning to ride a bicycle, except that you’re trying to balance a bell, rather than you on your bike. Learning on both seems difficult to start with, but one day everything goes right, and you never look back.

You don’t have to be big and strong: men and women, boys and girls, from the age of nine upwards are always very welcome. Just come to the Church Room door at 7.30 any Monday evening (except Bank Holidays) and we can take it from there. If you want to know more, get in touch with Jenny James, telephone 01256 895098, or Mike Harris.

To find out more about our bells please watch this short YouTube video.

The primary purpose of the bells has always been to call the faithful to prayer, which we do at 9.30 every Sunday morning, but there is much more to it than that, and once you have learned to handle a bell, you will find that the ringing community will welcome you to practice nights anywhere throughout England and the English-speaking world. Two of our ten bells are over 500 years old, and our countrymen have been ringing their bells in our familiar orderly fashion since the time of Good Queen Bess.

Picture below: Bellringers' practice night at All Hallows

The Tower Captain puts some ringers through their paces

The Tower Captain puts some ringers through their paces

Bells before augmentation

Details of the bells