Parish Magazine

About The Magazine

The parish magazine is published and copyright by the Parochial Church Council of the parish of Whitchurch with Tufton and Litchfield, Hampshire, England.

Subscriptions & Distribution

We are very grateful to our team of volunteers who, through rain or shine, deliver magazines in to the streets of Whitchurch every month.

If you would like have a parish magazine delivered to your door each month please email Simon Coomber or on 01256 893615.

Currently the magazine costs £1 per issue and a twelve month subscription is just £10.

Subscriptions should be sent to your local deliverer (who will knock on your door).

If you used to read the magazine online, this option is no longer available.  However, a copy of the magazine can be emailed to you on a monthly basis, for which you will need to subscribe (prices as above).  If you would like to subscribe to the magazine, please email the magazine team at and the team will be able to arrange delivery for you.


Editors: Catherine Geddes, Louise Bates, Sarah Owen, Simon Coomber, Tim Bilson, Tim Cromarty and Gill Knappett.  Correspondence and news copy should be sent by email to, or posted to The Parish Magazine, c/o The Old Paper Shop, 5 Winchester Street, Whitchurch, Hampshire RG28 7AH.  Deadline for news copy is usually the first or second Friday in the month preceding the month of the magazine.

Sample Issue

We have created an on-line version of the May 2018 magazine, without adverts and with contact details redacted, to illustrate a typical magazine.

Please read it. We hope you enjoy it.

Please see below to subscribe to the printed monthly magazine.

950 copies of the magazine are printed each month for 12 months of the year. The majority of these magazines are hand-delivered to households in the Whitchurch, Tufton and Litchfield area. You can also purchase the magazine from the Old Paper Shop in Whitchurch town centre.

The advertising year for the magazine runs from April to March.

To keep costs down, adverts are printed for the whole year in April, so no changes can be made to adverts during the year.

The advert pages are printed in colour and are interleaved with the news pages of the magazine.

The cost for 1/4 page of advertising for the 2018/2019 year was £160. We offer advert spaces from 1/8 of an A5 page up to one whole page, with the price being pro-rated according to size. We increase our prices each year in line with the increase in our printing costs.

If you would like to place a yearly advert then please email Leanne Coomber or on 01256 893615 and ask to join our waiting list. We email those businesses on our waiting list in January each year and offer them any available spaces on a first-come first-served basis (based on receipt of payment and your advert).

We can also offer one-off adverts that appear on our news pages if we are having a quiet news month. These are printed in black and white and are around 1/4 of an A5 page in size. As these create additional work for our editors, we charge £50 for a one-off advert or £120 for three months. As these will only appear when we have a low news month, we cannot guarantee when your advert will appear but are happy to take requests if you are advertising for a particular event. If you are interested in a one-off advert, again, please email Leanne or on 01256 893615.  


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