Prayer Groups

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Prayer is a key part of the life or our church

The Saturday Prayer Group

8.30 am on the first Saturday of every month at 32 Lynch Hill Park.  

Tim and I host a prayer time in our house every month.  We appreciate living in Whitchurch, its environment and its people.  There are so many people who give so much to the town and so many varied activities.  We do not just want to enjoy the benefits, but get involved ourselves in a way that expresses who we are and the belief that God cares about even the smallest town in Hampshire!  

One thing that is really important to us is prayer.  We want to see Christians in Whitchurch whichever church they are part of, getting together to pray for the town; to use the language of the Bible; part of 'the Body of Christ' in Whitchurch gathering to pray.  Evenings are often very busy, so a group meets to pray in our home from 8.30am (yes, it is morning not evening) on the first Saturday of every month.

We start promptly, meet for one hour, and pray informally.  We might begin with a reading from the Bible or a song to help us focus our thoughts and turn to God. We ask God to show us how we should pray and have the expectation that he will guide our thoughts and our prayers as we begin to express them.  The common themes in our prayers have included; the unity of Christians in Whitchurch; the businesses in the town; and the schools and young people.  We expect to be able to look back in months and years to come and see the continuing effect of the prayers of God's people just as we enjoy, if unconsciously, the fruit of those who have regularly prayed for this town over the years.  If you would like to know more, please contact Tim & Dorrie Bilson on 01256 893103.

Sunday Morning Informal Prayer

A small but strong group meeting every Sunday morning at 9.15am (for about 20 minutes) to pray.  It starts with a bible reading and the Lord's Prayer and finishes with the Grace. We pray mostly for the 10 o'clock service, but there are no limitations and people there pray for whatever is on their minds.  We meet in the office next to the Church Room.

Compassion Tree

Come and visit our Compassion Tree (in the north aisle).  Take some time to think, meditate or pray.  If you would like to add a prayer to the tree, others from the church will be interceding for you.  And please do feel free to read the prayers left by others, and pray for them also.