TAB30: The Men's Group That Meets In The Local Pub

Why "Tab 30"? Because its the number of the bar tab we use when meeting at the White Hart!

Why do we meet? To discuss matters, that as Christians, we believe are relevant to men - to their work, family and leisure - and to enjoy a drink together. Wide ranging topics cover the usual things that men talk about in a bar. Mostly.

When do we meet? Every third Monday evening (except December!) in the White Hart, starting at 20:30 hrs (suggest you get there in time to order a drink first!) finishing by 21:40 hrs.

Who is invited? Men (of any age) and whether you have a faith or not. You are welcome to come and give it a try. Every meeting is different, so just because you haven't been before, doesn't mean you can't come next time!

Feedback or any questions prior to giving it a go, are welcome. Please ring Dan Gleed on 07793 838679 or Philip Geddes on 07802 245970. Thank you.

We'll be delighted to see you